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Being quiet whilst the dust settles
A look back since my pre-General Election blog post

Welcome to my 'Radical Rants' blog.
For those that don't know me I am a former local election candidate in Torbay, having stood unsuccessfully on four separate occasions.  In addition to this I have held the position of Communications Officer with the local Trades Council and was the founder member and original chairperson of the St. Michael's Community Association in Paignton.

The contents of this blog are mainly political. I have been a bit of a 'political traveller' over the years, but I have remained passionate on issues concerning the environment, animal welfare, peace, social justice and workers rights. I am also supportive of  self determination, decentralisation and regionalism. This includes recognising the national status of Cornwall.

Away from politics I enjoy  gardening, being employed as a Head Gardener and writing gardening columns for local publications.  I enjoy the great outdoors, music, social history, my motorcycles and watching a number of sports. I am also a member of the Unitarian Church  in Torquay.

Views and posts on this blog are written in my own capacity and therefore do not necessarily reflect those of any organisation I am involved with.