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A reasoned response to Syria
We do not have to dance to the war tunes of Donald Trump or the 'Do Nothing' response of Corbyn

Seeds were sown for London violence
Responsibility needs to be taken for the violence and killings in London and I give pointers as to how we can begin to tackle the situation

Distributism can deliver
Capitalism and socialism have failed to deliver fairness and equality. We need a third way and Distributism offers just that

Farage is far from the long term interests of our fishermen
We do need a rethink on fishing but Farage's dumped fish stunt is not representing fishermen

We still need a register of rented housing rogues
As Chair of a local community association, a few years ago I called for a rogue landlord register - and I repeat those calls today

Why are unions letting down thousands of workers?
Unions are not engaging or representing the self employed or workers in new green industries

Fake homelessness does not hide fake need
My response to Torbay making the headlines with claims of fake homelessness

Environmentally unfriendly recycling by Tor2
Why Torbay's waste collection is not eco-friendly

Why I joined the Liberal Democrats
I give my reasons for joining the Lib Dems

Welcome to my Radical Rants Blog

 For those that don't know me, I would class myself as a political and community activist, having stood in local elections where I live in Paignton on four separate occasions as well as being active over the years in a number of community based campaigns. In  January 2018 I joined the Liberal Democrats, as I felt it offered a common sense approach and a programme of fairness, social justice and opportunity for all.  In addition to this I have held the position of Communications Officer with the local Trades Council and was the founder member and original chairperson of the St. Michael's Community Association in Paignton.

The contents of this blog are mainly political. I confess I have been a bit of a 'political traveller' over the years, but I have remained passionate on issues concerning the environment, animal welfare, peace, social justice and workers rights. Although I am now very much politically settled, I admit to having trodden many paths on which to tackle the issues that concern me,  but always my principles have remained unchanged.  I am also supportive of  self determination, decentralisation and regionalism. This includes recognising the national status of Cornwall..

Away from politics I enjoy  gardening and I'm lucky enough to work as a gardener in addition to writing my column for the Torbay Times.  I enjoy the great outdoors, music, art, the theatre, social history, my motorcycles and watching a number of sports. I am also a Trustee and occasional Service Leader at Torquay Unitarian Church.

Views and posts on this blog are written in my own capacity and therefore do not necessarily reflect those of any organisation I am involved with. 


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